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Desert Baby

Desert Baby

Desert Baby

February 24, 2020    /      TheGrindMagazine Admin    /    6 comments

Desert Baby born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona comes from a big bi-racial family. With seven boys and two girls, and Desert Baby being the fifth child and three of his brothers currently serving out sentences in Arizona Department of Corrections. The Pressure and hunger for making something out of his music career is at an all-time high.

Trouble didn't stay too far from Desert Baby as he started doing music in 2008 as an early teen he ended up serving six years of his life behind bars. After Desert Baby’s bid, he decided to take his music career seriously, becoming one of the most popular underground artists in Phoenix, Arizona. Desert Baby style of music reflects on artists like Lil Boosie, Tupac, Pimp C, Bun B, and Bone Thugs and Harmony, having a major influence in his career Desert Baby doesn't just produce music he tells stories behind every song.

Connecting the dots Desert Baby has collaborated with Slim 400, Lil Trev, and many more. Desert Baby waste no time utilizing his time with over 40 music videos on youtube to having his own record label and being signed to “ Ice Wata Records”, his main goal is to effectively learn the business side of music and bring awareness to Arizona Artist.

Living by the quote “ Your a man first” no matter the color of your skin, or your gang, Your a man first, no matter what. Desert Baby continues to tell his story with his newly released album “Arizona Gang Stories” available on all platforms stay tuned for Desert Baby hitting a big stage near you.




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